What are Sticky Flyers?

Sticky flyers are a unique way to advertise to your business' target audience. These flyers have a residue-free adhesive on the back, and can be stuck to the front door of homes at eye level. They get more attention than door hangers or direct mail, and are retained for a longer period of time!*

*They can even be re-stuck to a refrigerator!

How Do Sticky Flyer Campaigns Work?

Do you want to be the "go-to" business or professional in a specific St. Louis area? A flyer campaign is a great way to get in front of thousands of residents who could use your services. Simply choose a target area...we'll do the rest!


1. Research on the Target Audience.   We will work with you to choose the right marketing message and offers for your target customers or audience.
2. Hassle-Free Program.    We take care of the design, printing and distribution of your flyers.
3. Guaranteed Delivery.    We GPS track our flyer droppers to show you when and where the door-to-door delivery happens. The flyers are stuck to the front door of each home at eye-level. This drastically increases viewing time and the sticky adhesive keeps the flyers from flying off the door with wind.
4. Tracking Options.    We develop and integrate an online landing page and a tracking phone number to show you campaign results! We use these tools to track how many online web visits and calls you receive from the flyer, and also help you collect your prospects' contact information online.